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Founded in 2007 by driven professionals, MKM Trade has become an active supplier of Natural Resin worldwide. Our products comply with a restrict policy of natural resin extraction that is available for each and every client.

We specialize in exporting two natural resins - CAE  & BRASIFEN  - both derived from the Brazilian Pine Knot, that comes from Brazilian Araucaria trees from the state of Parana. Araucaria is a tropical garden tree encountered in subtropical areas, especially in southern Brazil where it is widely known for its edible seeds and its pine knot's numerous applications.

Our mission is to provide accurate technical and chemical information about our products, together with offering a personalized follow up.

From the first steps of the negotiation until after the delivery of the product, you can trust us to assist and support you with any business-related request or detailed information about our resins as well as their applications and origins.

MKM also maintains a direct portfolio of imported goods and extensive consultancy services for companies interested in importing  from or exporting goods to Brazil.

Our core values comprise entrepreneurship & transparency and we are constantly developing and improving our services in order to successfully manage our business venture.

If you wish to become our trade partner, please do not hesitate to contact us or  request a free sample .

Our Products & Services:

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Learn about our products' origin & applications and other curiosities of the international business world.
Get to know our two main products: natural resins derived from the Brazilian Pine Knot, known as Araucaria Angustifolia.
We also offer various consulting services for other companies willing to import from or export to Brazil.